Goodbye peace of mind
Hi. School starts in a week. I missed the film & media studies orientation camp which started earlier this week and ended earlier today. Actually, I didn't really want to go so the word 'missed' isn't quite appropriate in the former sentence. My antisocial tendencies forbid me from being excited for any sort of orientation events. I merely don't like being forced to make friends. Well, let's just say that I like to take things slow and easy. Or maybe I just like minimal social interactions. 

It's been a really long while since I actually updated my livejournal. Can't really point out the real reason. An attempt to do so would sound like this, ' The real reason I stopped updating my livejournal is because I'm too lazy.'. See, it seems too ambiguous of a reason. I'm kidding, I'm kidding(read this in the way the mexican guy says it in the Adam Sandler movie Jack and Jill)! 

If you didn't get my earlier reference, don't fret. I'm not so good at making jokes anyway. Oh and have I told you I'm writing this post using my new macbook? Can't quite see the plus point to having mac OS. After all, what can mac OS do that windows cannot? I installed windows on this macbook of mine anyway. I'm using a macbook because it is a course requirement just so you know.

I can't tell whether I should be excited since the school term is starting.

This shall be the last paragraph. It seems like my mind isn't keen on being interesting today. Oh well. 

So, bye.

Writer's Block: Back to the Future
Given the choice of time travel, would you go back in time or forward?
Forward. Reason being so I could see how long the human race could tough it out before people actually start killing each other.

Reinstated Paradise
Hai. Quick update for the month of February. You know, right now, I don't even know the date. Funny how I don't keep track of time when school isn't on. Yeah, I'm totally commitment free. Well, maybe not but the feeling of not having to rise in the morning at five every weekday is totally rad.

All that aside, I can't think of much to write. For the past month, the things I've been up to are very much all the same day in and out. If you must know, the activities that are keeping me occupied over the holidays consists of watching television, playing games, reading and venturing into the realm of cosmology(through documentaries which I barely understand). Ha ha. Oh look, I laugh funny.

Being commitment-light is awesome. Why? I get a whole lot of time to myself. That means more thinking time. Yes. The downside to that probably is that I find it hard to organize my thoughts. But guess what? Somebody thought of a brilliant idea to get a Moleskine notebook(which I have yet to do) to pen down anything interesting that  circles my mind. Brilliant right? Moleskine because I could be pretentiously artsy and at the same time pen down my thoughts. Multitasking at its finest.

That shall be all. Oh, and I checked the date. It's the eighteenth of Feb. Actually, it was the seventeenth when I started this entry. Just saying. 


Writer's Block: Pants on Fire?

Is a lie by omission truly a lie?
To the liar, yes. To the person being lied to, no. The liar intends to lie. Therefore, even though it is not a 'whole' lie, it is partly a lie due to the intention of keeping something hidden. The person being 'lied' to cannot say that he/she has been victimized simply because the 'lie' is not spoken. The lie does not exist physically, but in essence, it is still there.

Writer's Block: The Meaning of Life

Describe your life in one sentence.
A pilgrimage with no end in sight.

Distinguishing Difference
I look around. People.

The cloths covering our skin seem to separate us. I get not why we all embrace difference. Is there a function to fashion? My question gets no answer.

The world seemingly likes to accommodate our desire of being apart from everyone else. The intricate universe does not reveal why this is so.

We strive to be original. To express in a way that isn't similar to anyone else. To talk in a way that nobody does. Little do some know that language is universal. Language is shared. Language is borrowed. Still, we put a claim to something that doesn't even belong to us.  

What's the point? Recognition(they say).

In the fine prints, we discover the arrogance that lingers under our skin and the human need of wanting to be better than everyone else. 

Hubris—is it not the greatest of sins?

Writer's Block: Vision Test
Do you believe in love at first sight?
Nah. It's a whole load of manure/faeces/crap/bs. Okay, I'll be completely honest. I once used to be a firm believer of love at first sight. That was before I became very much skeptical about most things.

Skepticism is the way forward. Trust me.

Dead Metropolis
It's been way too long since I've last marked my presence in cyberspace. That being said, my disappearance from Livejournal has been solely due to the lack of inspiration to write. Even now, I find it really difficult to continue writing. Maybe it's because I think way too much about getting the right 'feel' for my sentences. For all I know, the right 'feel' isn't even right.

So, anyway, this has got to be one of the most carefree moments I'm ever going to experience in my life. No school to go to and definitely minimum interaction with everyone else. I must say, I quite like the solitude. My life right now is starting to look like an introvert's paradise. In all honesty, I love it.

I don't really have anything to say write about now. Well, there's nothing interesting going on right now. So anyway, it took me
two days to reach this third paragraph. Yeah, pathetic, I know. Gosh.

I didn't share my 'O' level results here cause I didn't think there was a need to. On a slightly different note, posting results are going to be out tomorrow. Applied for mass communications. Just sharing/saying. Ha ha(is this the formally appropriate way to laugh online?)

Alright, I guess there really is nothing more to write about. I blame myself for always doing a check on what I think is apt to be written on the internet. Fun fact: I don't like to get nakedly personal about my life on the net. So, most of the things you see here have gone through what I call my own 'social media censorship'. This is probably the reason why I don't tweet that often because I'm against making myself look like having an ungrateful personality. Why? Because most of what people tweet are complaints. Maybe, just maybe, I'm doing it wrong. You don't tell me.

Now that was one long paragraph! Hoo-ray? I shall get a move on now.

Ciao!(I hate using this word by the way)

Tomorrow Holds No Promise
You know, I keep wondering about who I'm going to marry in the future. You see, the thing is, I've probably watched too much movies. Yeah, those kind of movies where true love can be depicted flawlessly because the show only lengths for a mere 2&1/2 hours. They really do fail to show you the fine details that makes life the way it is.

I could have fallen for the trap and be in love with the idea of being in love, but instead, I knew better than to be a hopeless romantic. When I bring this concept of having a significant other into daily life, I only now know how bad the situation is. Life is not a movie. Well, its's cliche but still true.

The problem? I live in Singapore. The city is filled with judgmental Asians who overreact to minor occurrences and can't keep their harmful opinions to themselves. Me excluded, because I'm stating a fact. Have yourself a cup of tea and consider that a paradox or even label me a hypocrite if you must. I might sound like I'm part of the problem and not the solution here, but trust me, I've always tried to be the latter but accepting such an environment isn't easy. Heck, this isn't even about accepting, it's more to tolerance.

Who will I ever be in love with? I haven't had much luck with this 'attraction at first sight' thing going around in my head. I've gone a long way to figure out that it actually doesn't work, obviously. Along with that, ethnicity is another issue. I don't have to explain myself. Or maybe I do. Well, I've had a fair streak of falling for ladies of different ethnicity from mine and It's really frustrating. All I get from such situations is skepticism here, there and everywhere.

I probably have to be an optimist to see the brighter side to this but I'm very well not one.

This is all worth a thought. So I guess that's why I'm writing about it anyway.

Writer's Block: What’s on your mind?
What are you thinking about right now?
Nothing much. I don't know really. I'm one to dwell about fantasy and dreamland. Yeah. So, I visited dreamland, came back remembering that one pretty face. HAHAHA. I sound pathetic. So, the thing is, it's not the first time it has happened. Same individual. It must mean something! Okay, I kid.

I'll let it pass. But it was worth a blog entry. eh-heh.


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